Named after the word “Uswa” used by the Holy Quran for the role model provided to the Muslims in the life of the Holy Prophet SAWW (Al-Ahzab: 21).

Uswa Education System is a subsidiary of Jabir Bin Hayyan Trust carrying out its mission in the field of education in neglected and under privileged areas of Pakistan since 1994.

Today the strength of nations doesn’t lie in war arsenals. It depends on the extent to which its human resources are developed and utilized homogeneously.

To make quality education accessible to deprived communities of Pakistan integrating intellectual and economic growth with spiritual and moral development.




Educational Committees.

To make communities effective stakeholders and active partners in monitoring and quality assurance, local communities at local schools and regional directorate level are involved by forming local and regional education committees. Similarly at central directorate level a committee of professionals and notables is set up for same purpose.



Patron Inchief
Sheikh Mohsin Ali Najafi

Co-Patron Inchief
Sheikh Muhammad Hassan Jafari

Chief Executive Officer
Sheikh Anwar Ali Najafi

Director General
Lt. Col. (R) Dr. Ali Naqi Naqvi

Director Planning & Management
Muhammad Saleem

Azhar Ali Abidi

Director University Project
Gul Muhammad Naqvi

Advisor Technical Education
Dr. Aoun Naqvi

Director Finance
Mukhtar Hussain Jaffery

Manager Finance
Irfan Haider

IT Consultant
Ali Imran Jafari

Account Officer
Muzammil Abbas

Office Secretary

Regional Coordinator Baltistan Region
Muhammad Ishaq

Regional Coordinator Gilgit Region
Shaukat Ali

Regional Director Kurram Region
Muhsin Hussain Toori

Regional Coordinator Bangash Region
Hashmat Ali

Regional Director Chiniot Region
Qazi Asad Raza

Regional Coordinator Kashmir Region
Ahmad Ali Saeedi

Regional Coordinator Hazara Region
Qari Abid Hussain

Academic Advisor
Mrs. Rukhsana Haji

Manager Admin & Finance
Muhammad Ali

Finance Officer Gilgit Region
Azhar Abbas

Finance Officer Baltistan Region
Muhammad Zahid

Acadamic Director Baltistan Region
Zahida Batool

Acadamic Director Gilgit Region
Shaukat Ali

Admin Officer Baltistan Region
Muhammad Abbas

Admin Officer Gilgit Region
Sabir Hussain

Syed Mumtaz Haider Rizvi

Syed Saeed Haider Kazmi

Resident Director
Syed Asif Hussain

Educational Advisor
Syed Asad Raza

Office Secretary
Syed Qamar Raza Kazmi

Uswa Education System
Uswa Education System
Uswa Education System