Future Plans.

Model Schools / Colleges

We had selected one school per region to be upgraded as quality institution over a period of five years. The up-gradation involved provision of adequate equipment and recruitment of highly qualified staff. Up gradation of 3 Colleges at Baltistan Region and Uswa Public School Ganish in Gilgit Region has almost been completed whereas the up gradation of following schools is underway which requires immediate attention of our esteemed donors in order to complete the projects within the stipulated period. We have further plan to upgrade the following institutions to the college level:

  • USWA Public School For Boys/Girls Para Chinnar
  • USWA Public School For Boys/Girls Hangu
  • USWA Public School Sobhodero
  • USWA Public School Jhamra
  • USWA Public School Kardala
  • USWA Public School Ganesh

Polytechnic Institutes

A comprehensive plan has been chalked out to establish one Poly Technical Institute at each Uswa Region. In order to provide technical and vocational training to the students from all areas where Uswa is operative to enable them get honorable job opportunities in their future life.

Educational Complexes

We have a plan to construct two educational complexes in the earthquake affected area at Kardala near Muzafarabad and Paras in Kaghan Valley. The contribution to Kardala Complex has been made by UMAA & Hasnia Foundation of USA. Whereas the building of school at Paras has been constructed by Beta Charitable Trust of UK.