This programme is being run separately from that of Uswa Career Planning Cell. The underlying objective of the programme is that the access to quality education should not be linked with economic capacity of children. Those who are less fortunate should not be deprived of better education. For this purpose Regional Directors receive applications from the deserving students on prescribed forms with recommendation of Principals. All these applications are forwarded to the Head office. The Head office locates donors and other resources for meeting all educational expenses of these children.


Under this scheme we have to provide with the opportunity of free education to 300 – 400 orphan / needy students every year. Since the receipts in this head are often insufficient to be distributed among all the deserving students we have to divide one stipend over two students to accomodate as many students as possible. Due to the increasing number of deserving students every year there is a need for maximum participation from our generous donors towards this scheme. The present rate for sponsoring a student is as under:

Day Scholars:

Junior Classes Rs. 5000/- 50 $ per annum
Senior Classes Rs. 10,000/- 100 $ per annum


Junior Classes Rs. 10,500/- 110 $ per annum
Senior Classes Rs. 12,500/- 130 $ per annum